Journalist asks Probing Question Over Secretariat Demolition

Jul 22, 2020 08:29 AM

It was a surgical strike against an unknown enemy on July 6th; since then TRS is under severe criticism from all corners including the opposition. It had become a contentious issue amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction of Temple and Mosque brought religious controversy into the equation. However, many common people are surprised that there wasn’t any media coverage. No media personnel could enter the premise and cover a story.

However, Congress President A Revanth Reddy is quite vocal on the issue. He is stating that Chief Minister KCR is keeping the entire issue under the covers. He also mentioned about the treasure underneath the Saifabad Palace. Perhaps the chief minister believes in an unknown treasure around the royal abode of the Nizam. The Congress President thinks that KCR is eyeing on the treasure. The statement could be construed as sarcasm.

A few serious questions were asked by a senior journalist working for a Telugu channel. He had shown gumption and asked pertinent questions to the state government over the demolition activity that happened.

He accused the Government of imposing an unreasonable restriction on Journalist who want to cover news related to the demolition of the secretariat.

He said, “It is illegal, arbitrary and violation of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India.”

Every citizen in Telangana is kept in darkness by not allowing media to carry its duty. He accused that the state government did not allow a single photo of the demolition to be released. He requested the court to intervene and ensure freedom for journalists to carry a proper investigation.

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