Javed Akhtar Receive Richard Dawkins Award

Jun 10, 2020 10:15 AM

Javed Akhtar is the first Indian to receive the prestigious Richard Dawkins award. The award is named after the famous Evolutionary Biologist who is also an intransigent Atheist and author of famous books like Selfish Gene, and Gods Delusion. Javed Akhtar is a song writer, scriptwriter known for his unwavering stance against religious fundamentalism and promotes science and rationality. He participates in many TV debates with Indian Gurus and Orthodox Muslims. Akhtar is an Atheist and married to Indian actress Shabana Azami. He gave many super hits as a scriptwriter during ’70s with his co-writer Salim Khan.

Richard Dawkins awards are given to celebrities and achievers in the field of science, education, scholarship, entertainment and education. Javed Akhtar is the first Indian to receive this honor to uphold humanism and advancing human progress, secularism, rationalism, and scientific truth. The previous awardees were journalist and skeptic Christopher Hitchens and TV host, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher.

Javed Akhtar is popular for his Atheistic views in media. He holds strong views on society, art, culture, and religion.

The Bollywood lyricist was deeply honored and said, “I have been a great admirer of Richard Dawkins ever since I read his first book The Selfish Gene. I received an email from him informing me that I had been unanimously selected for the award by the board of Centre for Inquiry USA in which The Richard Dawkins Foundation is housed. Richard Dawkins is a fierce advocate of empirical science over superstition. I have read all his books and they have strengthened my views on the need to expose religious dogma as an enemy of critical thinking and rationality.”

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