Jagan's Troubles with RRR

Jun 24, 2020 09:56 AM

AP Chief Minister Jagan and YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy must the cursing the day he has given the party to ticket to Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju. If one notices the latter's political career, first He joined with Jagan after YSRCP was floated then ditched it when he was denied party MP ticket by joining BJP. Apparently when BJP denied him MP ticket he shifted to TDP and just one month before elections in 2019 he joined YSRCP and also secured MP ticket.

Surely, Jagan's "tough with opponents" image is facing a unique challenge in the shape of Raghu Ramakrishna Raju. There are only three options Jagan has and none works in his favour.

Can't show him the door

If Jagan fires Raghu Ramakrishna Raju from the party then anti defection law doesn't apply to him. He could happily join BJP while still remain a MP and continue to trouble the Jagan's Government with his activism. BJP is also eyeing to expand their foothold in south states so they would need any kind of support they need.

At least they could use RRR's vote in parliament on various bills by issuing whip if they allow him to remain in the party.

Can't ask him to resign

Jagan could ask RRR to resign from the post which the latter could simple refuse and there is nothing judicially Jagan could do about it. Extra judicially even if RRR is intimidated to resign then sooner or later YSRCP has to face elections in narasapuram.

If one sees the vote sharing of parties in 2019 elections then it is clear why RRR is confident. YSRCP secured only 38.11%, TDP 35.39%, Jana Sena 21.31% and BJP 1.05%. It is clear Jana Sena played spoil sport to TDP chances of winning the seat. If elections happen again with RRR as BJP's candidate and TDP helping them by placing a weak candidate then YSRCP surely loses the seat and RRR still remains an MP. After all BJP, Pawan Kalyan and TDP are old friends. Chandrababu Naidu also need some Centre support as he is in opposition.

Losing an election now or later provides legitimacy the voices of the opposition and pushes Jagan to backfoot.

Can't afford him

If Jagan decides to keep RRR in the party then it sends a wrong signal to party cadre who believes that Jagan is tough with opponents and won't spare anyone questioning him, which the cadre feels is a great quality in a leader. It also makes all those old leaders who were close with YSR but dropped from Jagan's good books may dare to team up and work against the party.

It is also not easy to write off RRR that he is like a regular loud mouth leader. It is now clear that he has blessings from the BJP Government who are looking forward to expand into South India. Without that support he wouldn't go the extent of claiming that YSRCP in narasapuram has won on his image and that he didn't win on Jagan's image.

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