Jagan's out of context praising of PM Modi

Jun 24, 2020 09:37 AM

Prime Minister Modi called out for an all-party virtual meeting to discuss the present condition at Galwan Valley and to send out a message of unity among political parties of India to Nation and the world. During this meeting opposition party presidents expressed solidarity, pledged support to Government & Armed Forces. They also other made valuable suggestions to PM on how to tackle China.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy also spoke at the meeting expressing his support to PM and the nation at this cirtical hour. However, unlike other political party presidents, Jagan Reddy's response was neither measured nor contextual. Other than PM "Bhajana" He didn't make any valuable suggestion to Modi.

Greatandhra published a "Complete Speech" of Jagan. It could be an effort of Greatandhra handler in YSRCP to impress Jagan because none of national or regional media reported it. According to this "Complete Speech", Jagan feels India is growing economically strong due to PM Modi and by his frequent travels on diplomacy to other countries India has full support in global arena. He also praised PM Modi for ensuring India's leadership at UN Security Council.

However, many political pundits are not able to understand the need to lavish personal praises on Prime Minister in this meeting. Contrary to Jagan's praises on PM Modi, Government's own statistics show economy is in shambles long before Coronavirus lockdown. On the diplomatic front other than USA which is openly anti-China none condenmend the attack on Indian soldiers, so much for PM's efforts. India's leadership at UN Security Council is for Asia-Pacific region and it is a pre-determined role on rotational basis. Everyone knows these things.

So what is the reason behind Jagan praising Modi personally in this show of unity meeting? Is it because lockdown is lifted, CBI may summon Jagan in its interrogation of his illegal assets case? Is Jagan trying to influence PM to make CBI go easy on him? It is to be seen how things unfold.