Jagan Reddy is better than Donald Trump ?

May 01, 2020 07:30 PM
 Jagan Mohan Reddy and Donald Trump

How can the chief minister of a state be better than the president of United states of America? We have not one but a hundred reasons. We decided to list a few to make people of Andhra Pradesh feel proud for voting Jagan. For starters, Jagan Reddy is a better Christian than Donald Trump. To those who argue against this statement, we have a few questions. Did Donald Trump hike the financial aid to Christian Pilgrims and said there’s nothing special about it? It proves that Jagan Reddy is a true selfless Christian who never wanted any name for himself when it comes to matters of God. He wants his name everywhere in public Schemes but it’s out of context and frivolous in current matter at hand. Did Donald Trump sponsor Christian conversions secretly? Did Trump succeed in giving a lot of control to Christian missionaries to publicize in Tirumala? Not even in his dreams. That proves that Jagan Reddy is a better Chrisitan than Donald Trump.

Trump always boasted that he will construct a wall for stopping Mexicans immigrating illegally into United States. Stopping foreigners from entering his country is a child’s move compared to Jagan Reddy halting people of his own stare from entering their state for two days right after lock down.

Still can’t agree with the headline? Then we have another reason for you. What about fighting the Pandemic? Entire world is going gaga over the statement of Donald Trump when he suggested the probability of injecting disinfectants as a treatment for COVID-19. But the world forgot who suggested that kind of a method first. It’s our beloved chief minister who suggested the usage of bleaching powder in fighting the pandemic. He is the real man who deserves to get credit for this. Unfortunately, a man of the talent of Jagan is stuck as a chief minister of Andhra Pradesh whereas fools like Donald Trump are ruling super powerful countries. Life is unfair sometimes !

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