Jagan Mohan Reddy, When Will You Arrest These People?

Jul 30, 2020 02:55 PM

TDP leaders are being targeted one after the other in Andhra Pradesh by Jagan Mohan Reddy's Government. The modus operandi is to blame irregularities or corruption and then book the leaders under various cases. After which the entire Government machinery gets into work to make sure that cases stick and they are arrested.

The common man should not have a problem with any wrongdoers facing the strict functioning of law, in fact, one should welcome it and hope to establish a corruption-free society. This is in everyone's benefit. No matter whom, they should face the music if they are wrongdoers. The entire facade of a fight against corruption falls flat at "No Matter Whom."

Culprits irrespective of a political party should be punished according to law. But what about those leaders who are within Jagan's Government and involved in corruption. They are part of the YSRCP Government and indulge in anti-social activities. In fact, YSRCP's own MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju (RRR) accused the Government of allowing illegal sand extractions and housing scams. RRR also expressed displeasure for attempting to sell TTD lands, which received severe backlash from the Hindu Community. He also confessed efforts to convert Hindus to other religion. These are very serious accusations from RRR.

Instead of acting on those who are indulging in such anti-social activities, Raghu Ramakrishna Raju started receiving death threats; he had to finally reach out to Home Minister Amit Shah and Loksabha speaker Om Birla for security. He alleged that he was not receiving any support and security from Andhra Pradesh Police.

When these things happen, the public loses trust in the state Government which claims in curbing the corruption. This is exactly when the public understands that Jagan is indulging in vendetta politics even at the expense of reversing state's progress. They conclude that Jagan is not delivering any justice.

In our country, except for Home Minister Amit Shah, there is no other person above G Kishan Reddy who is MoS Home Affairs when it comes to Police. G Kishan Reddy himself came down heavily on Jagan's Government for filing false complaints and harassing opponents. He accused Jagan's Government of indulging in the sand mafia, liquor mafia, misusing police etc. When a GOI Minister of State Home Affairs makes such allegations public has no option but to believe them.

Jagan has only two options because the third option of arresting G Kishan Reddy is not available. Either send defamation notices to MoS G Kishan Reddy through AP home secretary as usual or change his way and focus on governance.

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