Jagan Hair Stylist and Dressing Style

Jul 22, 2020 12:33 PM

The poster boy and superstar of Great Andhra is Jagan Mohan Reddy. He can put the entire tinsel town to shame with his fashion sense and hairstyle. Even the legendary hairstylist Javed Habib is envying Jagan. We recommend Jagan to patent the unique style so that no one can copy in future. The new hairstyle would remain a secret between him and his barber Prakash.

The article in Great Andhra “Jagan Has A Personal Hair Stylist?” was indeed ridiculous and the question mark at the end of the heading made no sense. It never seemed like a question in the first place. The entire article was dedicated to his dressing during the November 2017 padayatra. The description seemed like he was doing a ramp show instead of an election campaigning. The only information from the article was the white-and-white Khadi dress that Jagan wore during the padayatra. The rest which might include the promises and manifesto is swept under the carpet.

Jagan continued the same style after the election, but recently he had changed his outlook. And Great Andhra’s admiration had quadrupled after this transformation. It is rather surprising that a minute transformation is blown out of proportion as if he achieved six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and a chip on the shoulder. One should take a bow at Great Andhra’s ability in image building. A hairstyle change is augmented to John Rambo image. Great Andhra is desperate to get in touch with hairstylist Prakash who transformed Jagan’s image. He will be the next star of Great Andhra.

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