Jagan Divide and Move Policy

Jul 09, 2020 09:34 AM

The State Government is giving a clear indication of moving the capital from Amravati to Visakhapatnam. It is rather unfortunate that poor farmers concern is of no relevance to the ruling party. Also, the sentiments of local and NRI Telugus is of no significance.

The British divided and ruled India for 190- years and YS Jagan is dividing the capital and ruining the state. Similar to Brits he is indifferent to the poor farmers and locals. Few mouthpieces like Great Andhra is playing a dual game. They initially published a couple of articles criticizing the Government policy. Later, they set-up a twitter poll to gauge the opinion of people. The poll was an outright sham to save the face of the ruling party.

Great Andhra had conveniently taken a neutral stance in the beginning. But the article published on July 8th, “Jagan Government Sends Signals For Capital Shift!” was nothing but tacit support to the ruling party. We knew your stance from the beginning Great Andhra and the deception game is crystal clear. They are making it a duel between Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu so that the sentiments of people and the concerns of hapless farmers take a backseat. Telugus in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, India, and worldwide are enraged with the decision of dividing the state capital.

Ambedkar Smriti Vanam which is a 125-foot statue of Dr B R Ambedkar would be shifted from Amaravati to Vijayawada. The political circle is infuriated by this decision. Ambedkar statue was built by TDP in Amravati. The shifting is a clear indication that the intention of the state Government is to divide the capital.

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