It's ludicrous to Expect Chandrababu Naidu To Speak on Behalf of Farooq Abdullah

Jul 30, 2020 03:15 PM

The little cocoon that Great Andhra exists is rather shallow and requires some fine-tuning. Since last August Kashmir is a burning issue and any high profile politician making a statement on it is political suicide. However, Great Andhra began to provoke Chandrababu Naidu this time and they have started with Omar Abdullah statement of calling the former CM an opportunist. Firstly, he is out of power and any statement on Kashmir would jeopardize his party. Secondly, the entire removal of article 370 and the house arrest of Kashmiri leaders come within the ambit of national security. It is silly on part of Great Andhra to expect Chandrababu Naidu to speak anything on it and face the wrath from the center as well as raise a question over national security and become anti-national. At this stage he would seriously want to avoid any screaming on Republic TV.

Why not turn the tables and request the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to speak on Farooq Abdullah and Kashmir. Will Jagan destroy his political career? On the contrary is does everything to impress Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There are several instances that Gold Andhra had covered where Jagan had gone one step ahead to appease the BJP government. Why real politics for Jagan and political suicide for TDP Supremo?

No one can predict how things changes in the political landscape and strategies are made accordingly. Chandrababu Naidu supporting Abdullah during his house arrest would have construed differently and people would question his patriotism and his opinion on the removal of Article 370.

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