It Wasn’t a Favor When High Court Dismissed the Petition of Ramakrishna Reddy

Jul 24, 2020 06:29 AM

Choice of words can certainly dent the image of a political party and show them as villains, and it is Great Andhra expertise to show the opposition in poor light. The GA article headline is “TDP Gets Yet Another Favour From High Court”. How is that a favor? There was a PIL filed by MLA from Mangalagiri Alla Ramakrishna Reddy over the construction of TDP state quarter at Atmakuru. The state quarter was built over a catchment area. There is not much to say about the veracity of the statement but the PIL raised was related to environment.

There could be environmental destruction, but YSRCP has no moral high ground to raise this issue. They are not environmental saints. Perhaps if they were environment friendly then Jagan would have used a bicycle; maybe the MLA who filed the PIL should think about riding a bicycle in his village. Moreover, Jagan’s father YS Rajasekar Reddy was the chief minister of united Andhra Pradesh and resided in Hyderabad. Think of all the lakes that disappeared during the congress rule in Hyderabad. Jagan should also answer about the LG Polymer leakage and other Pharma industry blast and its environmental impact.

Calling it a favor from court is akin to ridiculing the court decision. However, this is not the first instance that YSRCP and its media outlets insulted the court decision. It is a recurring feature. Their final utopia is a system with mob justice and kangaroo courts.

Maybe Mangalagiri Alla Ramakrishna Reddy was thinking that filing a PIL would make him sacrosanct and show TDP a villain. The charade was destroyed when the High Court dismissed the petition. In fact, the High Court declared it a political vendetta. The PIL was to mitigate the Amravati agitation and destroy any opposition. However, the decision is still pending with the Governor over the three capital bills. Perhaps there are more disappointments in store for the ruling party.

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