‘It is The End’: Mohan Babu’s Dreadful Statement on Movie Theatres

May 10, 2020 07:50 AM

Veteran actor Mohan Babu gave an interview the other day to a prominent TV channel. He shared so many things pertaining to lockdown, theatres, MAA, politics, and about his children. Subsequently, the dialogue king also revealed about the changes that he is trying to make in his persona as well. Advising the people, the actor opined that his failure in anger management cost him dearly and stressed the need to control it. Surprisingly, the versatile actor even said that he is practicing to respond with a pleasing smile to everything and learning the art of being hypocritical as per the advice of his children.

On his Children: The meticulous actor said all his three children are doing fine professionally at their own level and added that he keeps reminding them to be respectable in society with good behavior. When asked about his younger son Manchu Manoj’s political interests, Mohan Babureplied that politics are a tough bite and would suggest his son at any given point of time to stay away from that clutter.

About MAA: Expressing his anguish on the present situation of MAA, Mohan Babu said that he requested Chiranjeevi and KrishnamRaju not to involve him in the mockery as his outspokenness might hurt either of the parties in the artists association. Having revealed that, the actor also appealed to the association members to realize at least now during Corona situation that life is short and everything is temporary.

Service to Cine Workers: Mohan Babu felt that there is no unity in the industry at present unlike the times of great NTR when everyone used to come together during emergencies. Clarifying that he did not donate a single paisa to cine workers during Covid-19 until now, the versatile actor said that his children are pooling the funds to donate the same to the needy workers in Tollywood sooner than later.

The end of Theatres: The shootings and theatres are shut indefinitely due to the lockdown in Tollywood. Talking on this situation, Mohan Babu opined that the wonderful days of watching movies in theatres might have come to an end. He even stated that the people will not go to theatres to watch movies anymore as the audience might prefer OTT platforms postCovid-19. ‘At the most the multiplexes might run, but I don’t see any future for the single screen theatres’ said the gutsy actor.

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