Is Remdesivir Working Against Corona?

Jun 14, 2020 04:49 AM

Federal Drug Administration of USA had approved Ramdesivir as an emergency use for most acute cases of corona. Multiple news papers have reported have reported about a drug called Ramdesivir as a medicine to Sars-Covid. Maharashtra, which is facing a massive rise in covid cases has decided to use the drug in clinical trial. Here we try to analyze what this mean based on scientific inputs.

Ramdesivir is in a broad range of anti viral drugs developed by a pharma company called Gilead. Initially developed as an anti viral drug against hepatitis C, this drug was used in the clinical trials for corona.

According to National Institute of Health , patients who received Ramdesivir had a faster recovery compared to those who received placebo. Results, also suggested a higher mortality rate “ 8% for the group receiving Ramdesivir versus 11.6% for the placebo group.” NIH noted.

What Ramdisvir effectively does is to stop the virus from multiplying in the body. However, since it must be modified once in the body, it has to be administered with other combination of drugs. Medical scientists are hopeful a drug composition that includes Ramdesivr and other drugs can be discovered as an effective treatment.

Right now, there are costing issues with the drug. A 100 mg of the dose in Mumbai is costing Rs.7000.A full five day anti viral course could cost about Rs.35000-Rs.40000. The company Gilead has allowed all it’s licensed partners in India to produce the drug, and price it as per their wish. The licensed partners are waiting for an approval. Hopefully mass production of the medicine will reduce the prices.

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