Is KCR Trying to Play a Victim Card?

Jul 23, 2020 08:05 AM

Bad Karma is coming in a full circle to haunt KCR; his authoritarian nature is now turning against him. He is criticized from all corners and everyone is disappointed with him. It is a fact that the Telangana state government had grossly mishandled the Covid-19 situation. The mismanagement is visible in almost every department including the Government Hospitals. When Chief Minister KCR discouraged citizens not to go to private hospitals – the message fell on deaf ears and no one took it seriously. The Osmania fiasco is still fresh in peoples mind and the videos of rainwater flooding are circulating on social media.

However, the tipping point came when the state high court had reprimanded the state government over the colossal mismanagement. KCR is supposed to be hurt by high court statement; however, it looks like he is playing a victim card. He is desperately trying to prove his achievement, but all the big talks would be in vain if he does not deliver. So the performance of the state government is lackluster.

The irregularity and misrule are not only taking a toll on a common man but also the Public Interest Litigations are increasing every day. Hence there is an increase in hearing and senior doctors instead of helping the patients have to rush to the court for a daily hearing. It is also a burden on the senior officials who are compelled to leave important duties and attend court hearings. Therefore the court had strongly reprimanded the state government for mismanagement which is leading to numerous PIL’s. It is a glaring example of their incompetence.

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