Inside AP CMO PV Ramesh Out and Ajay ‘Reddy’ Safe

Jul 13, 2020 09:32 AM

YSCRP cannot get rid of caste politics and Reddy’s enjoy all the privileges. Jagan Army trusts their lives on the Chief Minister and they are sure that he will never disappoint them. It was pretty much evident in the recent turn of events in the CMO where Ajay Kallam Reddy was removed from his department from CMO along with PV Ramesh. However, it was merely a deception that the party in power had mastered over a period of time. There was always support for Ajay Kallam Reddy. The news was spread to portray a neutral and casteless image of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

However, Ajay Kallam Reddy is back in business in CMO and he is checking files from the delegated department. Whereas PV Ramesh is stopped from working in his department and he is not allowed to check files. It is quite clear that all this drama was to remove PV Ramesh from his position. Jagan accession to power had led to the removal of LV Subramanyam and many others who just happened to be from a different caste. However, Reddy’s are not targeted under Jagan and they are enjoying all the privileges.

Ajay Reddy had not only retained his position but also making his hold strong in the revenue and other departments. He was along with Buggana Rajendranath Reddy in Delhi on discussing the pending financial dues. The BJP Andhra Pradesh leader criticized Ajay Reddy for making false charges against Union Minister Nirmala Sitaraman. It is rather ironic that on one hand they are demanding money for development from the center and yet criticize the party leaders. YSRCP cannot be trusted and bite the same hands that feed.

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