Indians Need To Prioritise Mental Health

Jun 17, 2020 07:12 AM

Shushant Singh’s Rajput’s unfortunate suicide sent the country into a state of shock. People are simply unable to believe how a small town guy who is an achiever in every sense of word can commit such drastic act. While full details are yet to emerge on what prompted the talented actor to a suicide, most people are clueless about what a depression means or can do to it’s handler.

Unfortunately, for a country which has given Yoga and meditation to the world, modern India lacks the ways and means to cope up with mental stress. “ When I chose Pshychology as a major, a lot of my friends and family discouraged me because they didn’t think it was a serious enough profession. That is also one reason you don’t find enough number of therapists in the country.” Says Rashmi Reddy a child Psychiatrist based out of Texas.

Also, people confuse normal low moments like sadness, anger etc., with serious mental illness issues like depression, bipolar or post traumatic stress disorder. It is very hard to distinguish between the both for a lay man. And in most cases even victims may not know that they have been suffering from an illness that needs professional guidance from a doctor.

At some level there is also a stigma attached to visiting a therapist. Opening up about mental issues might mean being ostracized or bullied by society at large or even avoided by prospective employers. But, we need to understand depression is a really hopeless situation for many and it’s not safe to remain in that frame of mind for a long time.

Mukesh Bhatt had commented that Shushanth Singh seemed off during discussions. There are signs like that for depression, which can be noticed and are different from regular highs and lows of our everyday life. “Meeting a therapist, is like having a mental trainer, just like we hire physical trainer. It helps us have constructive and meaningful self talk, and deal with the negativity in our minds.

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