Indian Film Maker sets the New Trend of Film Making in the USA!

Jul 01, 2020 11:34 AM

From the days of laboring the production equipment, the technology has driven towards making films with smarter equipment. Even those days have gone with the onset of digital technology. And it also gave way to project the movies digitally from one source without the outdated film reels.

With the onset of smartphones and social media, the access of making movies, short films, and skits have come into the reach of every individual. But during these times of the pandemic, this process of film making is growing popularity in leaps and bounds.

In India, director Ram Gopal Varma already experimented with such kind of film making through the films like ‘Ice Cream’ and etc. These days, he is aggressively spreading this concept lining up several films for digital platforms.

Lately, an Indian filmmaker named Kalpak Pathak has filmed an entire movie on his iPhone. This movie titled ‘Amidst My Own’ revolves around an Indian cab driver falling in love with his employer’s girlfriend.

Kalpak stated that he kept working on this movie since January 27 even against his close aide’s advice. The director explained that he and his crew had to face many challenges while shooting the film during the pandemic.

But at the same time, he clarified that the team also used equipment such as phone-rigs, filters, lenses, gimbal, and portable microphone to bring in the quality to shape up the movie into a watchable one.

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