Images Speak: RGV’s ‘Power Star’ Pics are Tauntingly Similar!

Jul 09, 2020 04:33 PM

‘Hit where it hurts the most’ is a popular saying. But director Ram Gopal Varma does it in his creative style. Ramu is always known for picking the controversial subjects for his movies. But recently, he is even challenging Corona in grabbing the attention of the audience with a streak of movies on OTT.

The director has released ‘Climax’ and ‘Naked’ movies on his RGV World Theatre. And he kept the most controversial film ‘Murder’ in the pipeline. Suddenly, he shifted his target to PawanKalyan. Recently Ramu announced a film titled ‘Power Star’. He clarified that the movie depicts a film star’s condition after his crushing defeat in elections.

Today, he released the first look of ‘Power Star’. Subsequently, he also posted a few images from the film on Twitter. No prices for guessing the characters in the movie. Everyone can recognize that the said pictures resemble PawanKalyan, Chiranjeevi, Trivikram, and PK’s Russian wife. But, the director stated that it is a completely fictional film and the resemblance to any real people is coincidentally incidental.

Ironically, he also appealed not to believe the media speculations with regard to the resemblances in Power Star. ‘There is unnecessary controversy being raised on POWER STAR by malicious people. I want to state that this film is not going to show anybody in poor light and I swear this on Lord Balaji.’ added RGV.

News is doing rounds in movie circles that Shreyas Media which is collaborated with RGV World is being warned by the insiders not to be a part with ‘Power Star’. This media house has become popular staging several pre-release events in Tollywood. Now, the well-wishers of the company are said to be advising it to stay away from this film to avoid being in bad books of the industry. Especially by mega family and fans.

However, the pictures posted by RGV are looking tauntingly similar to real-life characters. Certainly, the chances of this movie turning out to be controversial are very bright. Anyone who knows the ‘Sarkar’ director can easily figure out that he also wants the same to promote his movie. So, let’s wait for the film to know what Ramu has in store for the Power Star fans and Jana Sainiks.

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