I Will release all my Films on OTT: Suriya Taunts Distributors

May 18, 2020 03:46 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic not only hit human life severely but also transforming several sectors. Especially, the cine field is facing a huge crisis as the ultimate business for their films only depends when the audience turns up into cinema halls. But the theatres and multiplexes are shut long back. Now, the producers are left with the only option of releasing their movies on OTT platforms.

However, there are also issues when it comes to preferring OTTs. These platforms might not ensure the same kind of returns to the producers. Before adapting to the new kind of cinema watching experience, there are heavy stakes involved over the money they invested in making their films. Tamil hero Suriya is facing a similar issue in Tamil Nadu.

Suriya faced flak from the distributors and association even threatened the ban of the star’s films in the future. But the Ghajini star did no succumb to this pressure and is going ahead to release this movie directly online. This movie titled ‘PonMagalVandhal’ stars his wife Jyothika in the lead.

Further, Suriya explained that he is having 70 crores of loan on the film and is having no other choice but release it on OTT. The hero also lamented that no one comes to his rescue when a film flops and also questioned the distribution system which doesn’t pay back the due shares when the films make profits. He stated that it is ridiculous on their part to question him now without any empathy.exhibitors when he announced that his new film will be released directly on OTT. The theatre owners

The actor vehemently put it that all his movies will be released only on OTT platforms henceforth. ‘Similarly, my film's budgets will also be adjusted accordingly to suit the new platforms’ said the actor cum producer. It certainly seems that all these are starting hiccups to get habituated to the OTTs eventually. Even the audience might not storm the cinema halls like in the past. So, it is obvious that it is just a matter of time for the producers to make a beeline for OTTS to get returns on the huge investments.

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