I am a Soft Target, Jr Singers imitating me pathetically: Singer Sunitha

May 11, 2020 09:26 AM

Sunitha Updrashta is a playback singer, dubbing artist, anchor, and actress. She became famous with her melodious voice as a singer and many became fans to her soft and sweet soothing voice which she lent it for many leading ladies in Tollywood. She started at a young age as a singer through Krishna Vamsi’sGulabi movie in 1995. Since then, she never had to look back in her career.

Popularly known as singer Sunitha, she got married to a media person named Kiran Kumar Goparaju at the age of 19 and eventually got divorced from him. She is now living with her two children, a boy, and a girl in Hyderabad. Like many celebrities in the tinsel town, she also couldn’t escape from the rumors and gossips which were weaved against her on several occasions in her career.

At one point of time, she even had to live with rumors on her second marriage too. However, she countered such cooked up stories from time to time in her own style on the mainstream media. Recently taking to her social media account, Sunita alleged that time and again she is being used as a soft target to spread malicious rumors against her. The singer revealed that it is very astonishing to find women whom she knows well are also resorting to such disgraceful acts.

Sunitha further stated that many WhatsApp groups are created to just gossip about her and also pulled up the websites writing nonsense against her. At the same time, she even tried to express her anguish over the audience encouraging the junior singers who are ending up pathetically imitating her. Simultaneously, the multi-talented singer and anchor even mentioned that many people left her suddenly in life without any reason due to their own insecurities.

Expressing her seen it all attitude, SunitaUpadrashta emotionally put that it is not easy for a single mother to handle everything by herself in the male-dominated society. In the meantime, Sunitha’s fans from across the Telugu states have come together and paid a special video tribute with her songs wishing the singer on her birthday,10th May. Acknowledging the effort, she thanked her fans for collating the quality of work she has done all these years. Further, she stated that this gesture has reminded the purpose of her existence and at the same time making it much more meaningful.

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