Hydroxychloroquine is of No Use On Covid-19 Patients

Jun 19, 2020 06:44 AM

A major trial over anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine was stopped by the British Scientists. The research was in news and received huge backing from US President Donald Trump. The ignorance was indeed startling as it was considered a potential “game-changer” during the Pandemic by the American President. It was rather a vital lesson for statesmen who make tall claims and eventually bite the dust. Hydroxychloroquine is useless in treating Covid-19 patients.

Oxford University professor Martin Landray said, “This is not a treatment for Covid-19. It doesn’t work.” He is also co-leading recovery trial as well.

The reports related to drugs was indeed contentious and after the study published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ last month there had been several concerns raised about the safety. Apart from the drug losing its relevance and usefulness, the data have plenty of issues.

Martin Landray professor of medicine and epidemiology has spoken about massive speculation about the drug and its usage in the treatment of Covid-19. So far there had been a total absence of authentic information from the random trial conducted.

The results of the recovery trail made things clear. As per the trail around 1,542 Covid-19 patients were given hydroxychloroquine and the other set of 3,132 were provided standard treatment. The results showed no marked difference in cure.

The drug does not reduce the risk of death among the admitted patient suffering from other ailments. Another Oxford University Professor Peter Horby who is co-leading the Recovery trail along with Martin Landray informed the WHO of their decision in stopping UK study on the drug trial.

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