Humiliated and Thrown Out…But Rajinikanth Returned with a Foreign Car!

Jul 03, 2020 07:40 AM

Super Star Rajinikanth is known for his style and mannerisms in the movies. And many times he played underdog roles in the films which later rise like a phoenix in Rajini style. Like exactly as we see in his movies, the star hero experienced it in real life also and returned back stronger after facing humiliation in the hands of a producer.

Being an epitome of stardom, Rajini shared an incident that he experienced early in his career in the late 1970s. He said that a producer who promised him to pay his remuneration on the first day of the shoot failed to do so. Rajini clarified that he did not put on the make-up and waited for the producer.

‘Finally, the producer has arrived in an Ambassador car at the AVM Studios in Chennai where the shoot was planned. He looked very furious and asked me to get out questioning my stature to ask him the advance. Then I asked the producer to drop me at my home clarifying him that I didn’t have a penny to travel. The said producer humiliatingly asked me to walk back and I Did It.’ shared Rajini.

Rajinikanth revealed that then he owed himself to return back to AVM Studios in a foreign car. The superstar remembered that he bought an Italian made foreign Fiat car after two years and hired an Anglo-Indian driver named Robinson.

‘Then I asked my driver to take him to AVM Studios. I sat royally cross-legged in the car and went to the studios. I enjoyed two cigarettes parking my Fiat besides the producer’s car. Finally…I felt happy.’ explained Rajinikanth.

The Dalapathi actor stated that talent and hard work alone doesn’t guarantee success. But one should also be at the right place and time along with people’s blessings.

The experience revealed by Rajinikanth during the audio launch of ‘Darbar’ earlier this year is going viral on social media. Certainly, it is an inspirational one during these times of blame game over nepotism.

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