Horrifying Incident of Covid-19 Dead Body Carried in Auto Rickshaw

Jul 12, 2020 02:49 PM

The incident happened in Telangana Nizamabad District. It was indeed a shocking sight where the relatives of the deceased were carrying the dead body in their own Auto Rickshaw. The pictures reflected a desperate situation and a lack of information and accountability among the citizens and the State. The very first lapse was when the relatives were able to secure the dead body from the Government Hospital. The incident took place on Friday and it was already 24-hours that the patient died.

It was a case of recklessness from the Hospital staff as well as the deceased relatives. It was indeed an unpardonable incident and a case of sheer irresponsibility.

There was an official release that three people succumbed to Covid-19 disease in Nizamabad Hospital, and the bodies were lying in the mortuary. The schedule was quite hectic for the admin staff and they were busy attending other COVID related cases. As the admin was busy two corpses were sent in an ambulance. One dead body remained and the relatives of the deceased began to force the mortuary staff. They argued that they have their own Auto.

It was rather unfortunate that the dead body was handed over to the relatives who later buried it in a graveyard in Nizamabad. They broke the protocols in handling the dead body of an infected person.

The guidelines are clear that the dead body should be sent in an ambulance with police. The family members are saying that there was a delay in ambulance arrival. Hence, they took this evasive action. It was an outright carelessness on the part of State Hospital and the deceased relatives.

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