Higher Slabs, Increase Current Bills in Telangana

Jun 10, 2020 10:22 AM

For the last few days social media has been abuzz with netizens complaining of higher power bills. Several people took to twitter and Facebook, to raise issue and, posted their current bills. A family of 3 was given a bill of 6787. One domestic user complained of a bill of rs.32800, where he generally gets a bill of about rs.2000 per month.

“People stayed indoors for the last 3 months and consumed more electricity”, clarified director of Telangana power Distribution Company. It is to be noted that as power consumption increases, bills are generated in a higher slab. So if a unit of power costs Rs.5 upto 200 units of usage, increases to rs.7.5 for above 200 units of usage. It costs Rs.9 for above 400 units of usage.

But bills have not been generated for the last 3 months owing to lockdown, and when generated for 3 months at a time, consumption has moved into a higher slab. People were asked to pay bills for the months of March and April as per bill in year 2019. A lot of the anger is also about bill being generated in higher slab for no mistake of citizens.

This above method of calculation is the real reason for higher tariffs. People are not happy. Businesses which have been shut down for the last 3 months, saw unusually higher bills. So have citizens who have dutifully paid their bills in the months of Mar and April, as per guidelines.

These are troubled times for everyone trying to make a living. People have been with no income or less income. A lot of us are facing uncertainty about what the future holds. Government should take a more compassionate view of the same.

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