Hearsay Thy Way Great Andhra

Jul 06, 2020 10:29 AM

Perhaps Great Andhra is starting a detective agency and therefore they have a mole or an agent in every department that consistently provides them information. That’s what they want us to believe, but the truth is that these special agents provide rumors and hoax. They receive interesting rumors for more hits on their website; and make their YSRCP bosses happy. Hence, verifying facts is not their priority. There was an article on 4th of July that “TV5 channel to change hand shortly.”It turned out to be outright fake news and it ended-up irking the owner.

The statement issued on behalf of P V G Umesh Chandra showed the frustration. He said, “We from TV5 would like to assert here that the article published on their platform is sham, ill-motivated, spurious and intended to undermine the reputation of TV5 Telugu News Channel and we further aver that there is not even a shred of truth in that impugned article.”

This was indeed an uncalled provocation from Great Andhra and they have mastered the art to stay in news or save themselves from becoming irrelevant. Even actor Vijay Devarakonda was a victim of their unnecessary fake news. But he received huge support from Tollywood. Despite peddling fake news on Vijay Devarakonda and subsequently on TV5 channel; the rejoinders were completely shallow. The inherent rudeness which they might have inherited from YSRCP was visible in the response. The audacity to defend oneself and not giving a proper apology shows that they have no remorse.

Is Character assassination and peddling wrong information part of Great Andhra DNA?

So far TV5 led by BR Naidu is NOT negotiating or striking any deal with a Dubai-based company. It is a spurious claim made by Great Andhra. The vendetta angle is crystal clear as the rejoinder on the website mentioned TV5 inclination towards TDP. Perhaps the entire drama and fake news was an attack on YSRCP’s opposition and those media outlets against them. We are yet to figure out if Great Andhra is a loyal foot soldier of YSRCP or a mercenary there to be hired. But the political angle is quite clear and it is an attempt by Jagan and his party to eliminate opposition and eventually destroy Democracy.

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