Hyderabad NGO Come up with a Brilliant Idea

Jun 08, 2020 04:49 PM

Relaxing lockdown had certainly increased the economic activities and shops businesses are back to life. The zooming cars and traffic is an indication that things are steadily returning to normal. But schooling and education had received a dent especially the teachers teaching in Private schools. Government school teachers are safe as they received only 50% of pay cut where Private schools are affected and there is no reduction in payment; also many teachers in Private schools are getting a pink slip. Many teachers have not received a salary for three months and opting as daily wage laborers.

Some school has shown generosity and paid salaries to the teachers. Many schools are unable to generate income and repercussions of the lockdown are visible. Several Private schools were planning to collect the fee from the defaulters before the final exams in April. Normally hall tickets are issued to the students when the term fee is paid in full. Unfortunately, the unforeseen situation compelled the Government to take drastic decision and students were promoted to next year without any classes and examination. Hence the fee wasn’t collected.

In such a situation COVA which is a city-based NGO is helping the teachers and students. It is a brilliant idea which provides a win-win situation and would help in retaining students who might discontinue, and it wouldn’t burden the schools financially.

As per the scheme under Confederation of Voluntary Organisation (COVA), a payment of 10,000 will be made to the teacher and it will ensure that the school management gives free education to at least two students for every teacher paid by COVA.

Dr Mazher Hussain, Executive Director of COVA said, “This will be a win-win situation for teachers, students, parents, school managements and the society as teachers will get at least part of their salary to survive the coming months with dignity, students from deprived backgrounds will be able to continue their education in this time of acute economic stress for their parents, the burden on the management to pay the full salary of the teachers will be reduced and massive dropout of students could be curtailed."

COVA NGO is associated with 100 private schools in Hyderabad city. They have already started a project to support 1000 teachers around 60 schools, and raise 1 crore though donations and other grants.

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