Haryana Education Minister aiming at increasing employment opportunities

Jun 22, 2020 11:23 AM

Keeping in view, the current situation, the Education Minister of Haryana Mr. Kanwar Pal has asked the universities to commence courses. He asked state universities to do so, so as to increase the employment opportunities for students. This would be in line with the idea of a self-reliant nation to handle the economy of the nation, post-pandemic. Haryana has a high demand for skilled laborers. To meet the demands, the state is building new employment opportunities. It would be done under the 'Skilled India' program.

Kurukshetra University had organized a webinar on 'new possibilities in higher education post-corona'. Pal stated that Haryana has a lot of potential in the tourism sector and the startups. The Education Minister added by saying that the idea of a self-reliant nation has been put forward to the people of India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was put up to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Pal stated that the universities of the state should invest time and effort in the initiation of courses that would create employment opportunities for the students, especially those from Haryana. Apart from this, the state is creating opportunities in the field of commercial farming, organic farming as well as rural handicraft.

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