Great andhra's Great Insecurity

Jun 24, 2020 07:19 AM

In olden days there used to be "Asthana Kavi", poet bards who used to write poems, songs praising the good deeds of Kings and their ancestors. We know many such people from History. In modern times same institution has turned into what is called Public Relations Department.

Andhra Pradesh State Public Relations Department Public Reations Officer (PRO) Palepu Raja Shekar has published a book recently titled "Prathidinam - Prajahitham" which was released by YSRCP honorary President YS Vijayamma. It is a regular exercise by the Public realtions department of any Government to publish books and publise the works of Government. In fact, earlier the same author also published a book "Navyandhra Nirmanamlo Mundagulu" when the CM was Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Surprisingly, Greatandhra criticised Palepu Raja Shekar and advised him from changing colours like politicians. This exposes the "dollathanam"of Greatandhra and their incapacity to see things clearly.

Great andhra is so accustomed to seeing a political party as Government, it seems that they cannot tell anymore which is which. (for their benefit let us help them: Great andhra pay attention TDP, YRSCP etc are politial parties and Govt of AP, Govt of India etc are Governments.)

As a Government employee in PR department Palepu Raja Shekar is expected to write books about the merits of Government undertakings. He is discharging his duties sincerely. It is also evident from the titles of his books. He didn't include leaders names or parties names in naming the books.

There is no need for Greatandhra to feel so insecure about a random PRO officer. They should refrain from attacking him this way. He is not a competition to them. Obviously in stooping down to low levels and in sycophancy none can compete with Greatandhra.

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