Great Andhra Nonsensical Views Over Funeral

Jun 22, 2020 09:53 AM

Once again, the great minds at have gone awry by a great degree. They have published an article criticising Telangana CM KCR for attending Hari krishna's funeral but not attending col. Santosh Babu's final rites.

Seriously, to question why CM KCR didn't attend Col. Santosh Babu's funeral, what was the need for invoking Harikrishna's funeral? What sick minds do this comparision? After Harikrishna's funeral, in the following years, CM KCR attended many other funerals but why they are stuck with Harikrishna only their political bosses in YSRCP know. Are they jealous of Harikrishna receiving funeral with State honors?

Strangely they themselves answered that question too: CM KCR was ex-TDP leader and close to NTR family and that is the reason KCR took initiative in Hariskrishna's case. If they knew the answer why they invoked the question at all? This shows how they rate their readership.

These Greatminds seems to have forgotten that during Harikrishna's funeral there was no Coronavirus. They also overlooked the fact the Suryapet the hometown of Col. Santosh Babu is in the redzone. In such situations there would be protocols to follow that is the reason even Governor and other important leaders didn't go to Suryapet.

Basically politicians like publicity and they try to make themselves visible whenever public are high with any emotional issue. But one should appreciate KCR for not falling to such tempatations to become centre of attraction, photo-ops and create a crowd managment nightmare for security officials in the Coronavirus redzone area of Suryapet. On the request of CM KCR state Minister Jagadishwar Reddy personally overlooked funeral arrangements. But those who want to simply target others with their personal agenda, don't show the maturirty and understanding that the serious journalism demands.

By making such baseless accusations these Greatminds have exposed their personal enimity towards CM KCR for unknown reasons and they are trying to fire darts at KCR through an emotional issue by misleading public. Based on their behaviour one has to wonder, is the friendship between KCR and Jagan is over? Our advice to them is: stick to respectable journalism and leave your personal opinions at YSRCP party office.

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