Great Andhra New Obsession Pawan Kalyan

Jul 16, 2020 02:39 PM

When I read Great Andhra articles it reminds me of a theory in Cultural Anthropology, it is called ‘erratic retaliation.’

The theory is applied in understanding tribal rivalry. In crux, it means, “Give Good as you get but don’t be predictable.”

Tribes during primitive times would poke each other and engage in sporadic fights. Great Andhra is using a similar tactic against the opposition of YSRCP which in this case is Jana Sena. The idea is to engage in a low key conflict and then malign the party members. It shows the uncultured side of the ruling party. They provoke and then pounce on them. Then use the media outlet to demean and use legal means to suppress. The website should evolve and it needs lessons on civilization.

The article, “When Will Pawan Kalyan Step Out?” was an unnecessary provocation. So far Pawan Kalyan is quietly practicing his religion and spiritual traditions. He only opposed the selling of TTD lands and showed his inclination towards BJP.

A statement made amid political rivalry can be understood, but a snide remark and publishing articles to provoke an individual is not in good spirit.

Last time Great Andhra commented on his spiritual belief. Here they have a problem that he is not stepping out of his home. Why on earth should anyone step out of their house? It is better to stay indoors and be safe. Perhaps Great Andhra should advise YSRCP members to stay home be safe and stop bothering everyone.

Why worry that he is isolating himself? It is indeed a sane thing to do.

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