Great Andhra Indulges in Political Mudslinging against TDP MLAs

Jun 17, 2020 02:27 PM

In a recently published article, Great Andhra put in an extremely eloquent language that bad karma is getting back at 3 TDP MLAs. But Great Andhra saying this is nothing short of “Pot calling the kettle black”, and must have made most of the people go, “Karma ra babu”.

The fact of the matter is neither Great Andhra nor their masters in YSRCP have a moral high ground to accuse others of misdeeds.

A month ago, Tollywood actor Vijay Devarakonda exposed how Great Andhra peddles fake news and resorts to blackmailing and bullying. And, the less said the better about their masters.

While the website called out TDP MLAs for megalomania, abusing the power and hurling abuses at the officers, YSRCP MP and MLA are no saints either.

Three MPs and four MLAs of YSRCP are facing cases related to crimes against women ranging from rape, domestic abuse to dowry harassment.

A rape case and murder case is filed against YSRCP MP Kuruva Gorantla Madhav. Another MP Margani Bharath was booked under the dowry prohibition act in 2005.

A year ago, YSRCP MLA Samineni Udaya Bhanu’s son assaulted a traffic cop in Hyderabad.

Only time will tell when the bad karma will get back at these tainted YSRCP leaders.

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