Great Andhra Attempt to Mitigate the Amravati Movement

Jul 07, 2020 09:56 AM

It is rather startling that Great Andhra conducted a poll on Twitter to figure out if TDP would benefit from the Amravati Movement. It was all abracadabra and hocus-pocus. After 24 hours and 6890 votes; around 53% of voters believe that it is detrimental to Telugu Desam Party. Great Andhra used twitter and brought TDP to malign and mitigate the movement; it is indeed a brilliant strategy by Great Andhra to deflect attention from the actual concern. They are Politicizing the issue when it is a people’s movement. The twitter poll conducted by Great Andhra is nothing but a sham. TDP is doing what any opposition would do. The attempt to bring TDP was to save their beloved CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP from disgrace. Perhaps they were using TDP as a shield to know the reaction of people and bring TDP in the forefront to save the face of YSRCP.

Although there is a political backing behind the Hashtag campaign '200 Days of Amaravati Protests.' Also, BJP is backing the movement. But one has to gauge the rationale and the motive behind the movement and why it is that world-wide Telugu NRI’s from various parts of Andhra Pradesh have joined the protest on Saturday 4th July.

The Twitter poll results by Great Andhra obfuscated the sentiments of the people and it showed their lack of sympathy towards the farmers of Amravati. The popular sentiments are against the trifurcation of the state capital. Maybe the next Twitter poll should say “Is the Amaravathi movement beneficial or detrimental to the future of YSRCP?” Let the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh see themselves in a mirror.

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