Going Swadeshi- The Only Option

Jun 22, 2020 10:33 AM

With the nation steering to return back to the track after a period of almost complete inactivity for the last 2 months, the looms in the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are also finding their path back to normalcy. The fear and uncertainty in minds of countless artisans who make a living by working in power looms and making handlooms in Gadwal, Pochampally, Siddhipet, Narayanpet and many smaller villages still hover. This is so because the effect of the global pandemic threatens to spread its tentacles across all sectors of the Indian economy, it's the lives and future of these handloom weavers which is at stake and almost uncertain.

The raw material and supply chains are at a standstill and in such circumstances, the artisans and weavers face the dilemma on either returning back to work as usual or turning their sights to any other more lucrative work. The weavers have been hit by a big blow as it is the disposable incomes of families and their spending powers have reduced drastically due to very little or no earnings. The onus on how the products will be made will depend highly on the utility value and the demand patterns.

Satish Poludas of Sutra Durries is amongst the initiatives of KORA. The grassroots-based organization is known to be involved in innovation and research in weaving in different parts of the country. It states that the weavers of AP produced much fabric at the starting of the lockdown. V Ashok Rao of Handlooms & Textiles says that Swadeshi is the only alternative before us at the moment.

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