Get Insured Against Corona

Jun 24, 2020 09:18 AM

After Telangana government has put a cap on testing and treatment for corona, a new fear has gripped the state. How to bear the costs after the infection? Even after government has put a maximum limit on testing, bed, ventilator and other treatment prices, the treatment costs surely will run into lakhs of rupees. And a middle class person already facing lower income due to corona pandemic has to take the additional burden in terms of finances in case something goes wrong.

The best bet against which would be to seek an insurance. People already covered in health insurance may not be really worried. But general health insurance premiums may not be affordable to large sections of Indian society. An insurance which covers Corona disease specifically would be the best bet.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has also issued guidelines with respect to the same. Health insurance schemes are activated only one month after the premium is paid. The above condition is because insurance doesn’t cover pre existing conditions.

But, the corona insurance is activated the moment it is bought. Also, schemes start from something as little as rupees thousand to make it affordable. A premium four thousand rupees would fetch one a cover of rupees three lakhs. Irdai has also strictly notified one person is eligible to one policy only.

We urge our readers to take an insurance cover , and also educate people to do the same.

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