From Great Andhra to Praise

Jul 05, 2020 01:53 PM

Great Andhara’s bhajan is ‘Jagan’ and it happens 24/7. Hence we suggest a new domain for them which is The moment one clicks the link there are loads of Jagan pictures holding a Mic or solo pictures with weird expressions. It is still a dilemma whether to call it narcissism or a serial attention seeker. He is the center of attraction and all the articles are glorifying him. The website is an extended public relation for YSRCP and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The article on Great Andhra, “Jagan's Approach Towards His Followers And Detractors” was a glaring example of the website idiosyncrasy and their penchant towards garnishing Jagan image even though the Telugus around the world are up in arms against his policy over new capital. But the website keeps publishing articles that make the Chief Minister the center of everything.

In crux, this is what the article states:

  • Like father like son (His followers compare him too late YS Rajasekhar Reddy).
  • It’s always about TDP and Goebbels propaganda (YSRCP and Jagan are Holier than thou).
  • The Good Samaritan (People who stood by him in tough times).
  • Jagan is beyond caste and he doesn’t give any preferential treatment to people from other castes (Truth is there on Great Andhra iconic 3 Reddy’s article).
  • The article showed a wonderful Robin Hood type image by stating that he didn’t take industrialist with millions in the account but friends who would stay by him in his political journey.
  • His benevolence towards MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju despite the MP defecting YSRCP and joining BJP in 2014; Jagan could justify it despite continuous hounding and curtailing freedom.

The article is all about Jagan, Jagan and Jagan. Nothing about his good works or any concrete evidence on development, economy, and healthcare. The website is busy creating a larger than life image of a leader.

Will there be an end to this Hero worshipping Great Andhra?

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