Fingers Crossed About Ganesh Bappa’s Arrival

Jun 16, 2020 09:07 AM

Ganapathi festivals have a huge significance as a cultural activity in twin cities. Every colony, every apartment , every youth association in every street start gearing up months in advance for the festivities, which start on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and end after 9 days with the immersion of idols.

“The twin cities have about one lakh ten thousand mandaps in total. We are eagerly awaiting government directions to make our plans accordingly. This is for a group of friends to come together, celebrate, learn dharma, know each other and what not!“, says Prudhvi Kanth an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha and a BJP leader.

Ganesh festivities gained prominence as part of resistance activity, against Nizam rule in Telangana and against the British in India. Colony associations organize music, dance, singing shows as part of 9 day events.

Covid obviously is showing its affect. Khairtabad Ganesh statue which is the biggest statue in twin cities is going give us darshan in a smaller form this year. Khairtabad Ganesh Utsav committee was planning to erect a 66 feet statue owing to 66 years of celebrations. The massive statue is a center of everyone’s eyes right from the first day of festival to the immersion process. Unfortunately the committee has decided to go for only a one feet statue owing the scenarios around covid. A lot of families involved in the sculpting the statues also see bleak demand this year.

The only silver lining amongst all of this is, environmentalists will be happy. They have been asking for usage of eco friendly statues made of mud, unlike the ones made out of plaster of paris. May be all too powerful lord decided to bless the environmentalists this time. Now, who can question God’s will?