Fine Of Rs.4140

Jun 06, 2020 05:39 AM

CM KCR’s cruiser was put a challan of 4140 in three unrelated incidents by the traffic police of Telangana. This left citizens amused and surprised, that a CM can be subjected to rules so strictly.

Regular citizens are unhappy about hefty fines for quite some time though. Cab Drivers used to regularly complain how one small mistake on their part, and they have to pay the entire profit of the trip as a challan. The hefty amounts on challan which easily run into above thousands once found by a speedometer check, were a drain in cab drivers incomes.

Not just cab owners but regular car owners were sometimes shocked to see the fines for over speeding. The speed limit on ORR has been capped about 3 times. The maximum driving limit in city is also about 40kmph. While, The Union ministry of road transport and highways in April 2018 fixed 70 km per hour for M1 category passenger vehicles that have less than eight seats (cars), 60 kmph for motorcycles and 50 kmph for autos as speed limits on roads in municipal limits. It’s hard to monitor and keep the speed limit within 40 kmph all the time.

This leaves some citizens unconvinced about challans to CM. One netizen wrote, “ All the traffic is bought to halt for CM convoy. Where is time for police to issue a challan? This seems like a token symbol to persuade others to pay. Point well taken sir. But, please give us some concession at least, owing to the bad state of economy. “

It is reported that CMO decided to pay the fee to avoid any further confusion over the issue. Yes KCR sir, point well taken.