Few Sales Worries Small Business Owners

May 27, 2020 03:31 PM

While online sales have been clicking good revenue and growth, small businesses are suffering from a lack of sales. Most shopkeepers have strict rules like mask and the use of sanitizer. But, people are still afraid to enter into shops due to fear associated with corona.

Govardhan who runs a kids clothing wear and a Men’s inner wear shop in Motinagar says, “I would have seen good business this season owing to festivals and a good sale for summer clothing. I’m not even able to sell half of what I’ve sold last year. I purchased most the stock before lockdown and I’m clueless as to how to deal with it. “

On one hand, small business owners have to pay rents for the months when lockdown was imposed. As if that loss is not enough to bear, they have to make do with losses in the months post lockdown. Another shopkeeper who runs a gifting shop says,” Even if I request my landlord for a revision in rent, how much should discount should I negotiate? When and what will the normal circumstances return to? And if they don’t what is reduction in business I can expect?” The uncertainty surrounding covid economy keeps them worried all the time..

While businesses like restaurants, gyms, swimming pools don’t seem to be opening anytime soon, there are other businesses which are facing the brunt too. Labor intensive ones like small manufacturers, welding shops and carpenters are finding a huge shortage of manpower. Khaja who runs a plumbing material supply and contracting business rues, “ A lot of my workers left to their home states. Even if I have to arrange manpower from other localities, public transportation is unavailable and private transportation is costly. So I have to pay a lot for man power and sometimes and pass on these costs to customers.”

A lot of these businesses are looking for assistance and guidance from the government to help pass through the tough times.

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