Farmer Receive a Tractor from Actor Sonu Sood

Jul 28, 2020 03:12 PM

The generosity of actor Sonu Sood is ubiquitous. In fact, the entire nation is proud of the Bollywood celebrity who did brilliant work in sending several laborers to home town. It is quite ironic that he is a real-life hero but usually plays a villain in cinema. Indeed, his real life is a vice-versa of his reel life. But this time he gifted a tractor to a farmer V Nageshwar Rao of Mahalrajulapalli village in Chitoor district. He gifted a tractor the moment he saw a video on social media of his two daughters toiling in the farm.

Great Andhra couldn’t do much in covering the news and instead of praising Sonu Sood for his altruistic act; also looking into the challenges that farmers are facing, the website started criticizing the opposition. It began after Chandrababu Naidu intervened and thanked Sonu Sood. The former CM also announced that he would take care of the education of the two girls. This didn’t go well with Great Andhra website and they began to accuse TDP of taking political mileage. Instead of blaming the opposition why not questions the ruling party and its incompetence in providing basic amenities to farmers.

Instead of blaming Chandrababu Naidu – why didn’t Jagan intervene first and provided the necessary amenities?

Nageshwar Rao is a political activist from Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee and contested in 2009 assembly election for Lok Satta Party and polled 1000 votes.

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