Fake News Destroyed in Style

May 07, 2020 07:20 AM

Vijay Deverakonda swag and temper was Arjun Reddy from reel to real. Indeed, websites that peddle such fake news deserve this flak. Apart from the misleading information, the write-up that the actor was referring was a piece of trash. It looked like a conundrum of numbers and figures. Also, it lacked clarity and seemed like a high school Math paper. Randomly throwing numbers and figures is not writing. Also, wrong information is unpardonable and Math problems are either right or wrong. And wrong answers fetch zero. That’s what the article deserved.

First, let’s support (#KillFakeNews & #SpreadPositivity) – tweeted by Arjun Reddy star. Such a mediocre article should not be the benchmark to gauge the actor and his intention. This sort of character assassination was pathetic. The title was flawed and it was a baseless accusation. In fact, the title had nothing to do with the information and the erroneous calculation presented. There was no hard evidence that the actor insulted the poor.

Let’s see what the actor has to say in his defense. It is rather sad that people have to defend themselves from fake news. He clarified that Middle-Class funds were specifically for those who are not covered under Government schemes and NGO’s. I wonder if the writer has any issues with ‘Middle Class’. He also donated five lakhs for CCC (Chiru fund). A team of experts is hired to manage crores of funds. Perhaps the writer can take a couple of lessons on professionalism. The website was started to reach various corners of Telangana and Andhra. There is also accountability and all the social service done is updated every half an hour. And everything is up to date by the end of the day. Srikakulam and Khammam had been covered and the team had reached out to the needy. The coordination was only possible after starting the website. It is better to stop following fake news and rely on authentic information. Let’s call it a bluff.

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