Fake Andhra Great Deception On Reducing Mortality Rate

Jul 16, 2020 07:20 AM

Great Andhra is indeed selectively optimistic when it comes to YSRCP and Jagan Mohan Reddy. It will do everything to save the image of their political bosses. The headline on Great Andhra website, “AP Covid-19: Reducing Mortality Rate To 1%” is deception and it is a glass half full which is truly optimistic and encouraging for the ruling party. But their selective outrage on certain issues and individual and showering praises or singing paeans on ruling party shows their agenda-driven approach. The website cannot be trusted.

How would anyone perceive that the mortality rate is reduced to 1%? Innocent janta would be delighted that huge efforts are made by the Government in reducing the mortality rate. But as you read the article the deception becomes clear. The mortality rate had decreased from 1.17% to 1%. The reduction is only 0.17% after soo much of hue and cry and colossal mismanagement by the state Government. The death of so many people wasn’t due to accidents or mishap. It was the sheer negligence and the reduction of 0.17% is good because one life saved would make a huge difference to the family member. But it is not a huge achievement that the state government and media should be proud of as the death is pretty high.

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