Facilities in Government Hospital Questioned After Journalist Death in Hyderabad

Jun 10, 2020 04:10 PM

D Manoj Kumar a known journalist from Hyderabad died of Coronavirus in Gandhi hospital. It had brought the Telangana State Government under serious criticism. More than the demise of the journalist it was the terrible condition in the Gandhi hospital that brought ignominy to the TRS party. Many concerns were raised over the conditions in the state-run hospital by his brother Sainath who is undergoing treatment.

The journalist D Manoj Kumar said, “ICU is not good. Please, let’s go to a private hospital. No one is taking care of here.”

He spoke about it around 24 hours before his death and it created a furor in the media houses. The situation was quite pathetic and from the WhatsApp chat, it was clear that no one bothered about them in the hospital and there was no doctor to attend the journalist for 12 hours. Also, the lack of oxygen support in ICU forced him to look for some other place. He kept messaging his brother to leave the place.

The hospital staff is stating that everything was perfect and all the facilities were available, but the patient dies of over ailment and Manoj was suffering from Myasthenia Gravis.

Unfortunately, many people have filed PIL in the court and the Doctors have to go to the court. This is impacting the patient who requires immediate attention.

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