Experienced Molestation Multiple Times: Regina Cassandra

Jul 03, 2020 06:40 AM

Actress Regina Cassandra was born and brought up in Chennai and she also made her debut in movies in Kollywood. Later, she was introduced to Tollywood through ‘SMS’. Since then she went on doing several successful films in Telugu. Before her entry into movies, the actress also featured in Splash Kids Channel at the age of nine and did several commercials too.

After a streak of successful movies like Subramaniam For Sale and etc offers dwindled for her in Tollywood. The reasons are unknown as she was also ready for the glamorous show. But again, she is doing quite well in Kannada and Tamil. Her recent appearance in Telugu was in Adivi Sesh’s ‘Evaru’.

However, she is booked for an item number in Chiru’s film ‘Acharya’. Recently the actress shared her horrific experiences of molestation she faced during her school and college days. Regina revealed that a person tried to touch her body parts inappropriately and even tried to kiss her while she was walking on the Eega theatre bridge in Chennai during her college days.

She explained that the attempt was forcibly stopped by her slapping that person. Regina stated that she underwent similar experiences even during her school days but was weak to defend herself. ‘But I gained strength after that to defend such attempts and later kept going out only with friends’ said Regina Cassandra.

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