Excuse Me Chief Minister Did I Hear Houses for 30 Lakh Poor People?

Jul 08, 2020 10:07 AM

The moment I read the article, “AP govt speeds up mega scheme for 30L BPL families” on Great Andhra website I almost dozed-off dreaming about utopias. The Pandemic had indeed taken a toll on people’s mind and I’m no exception. The massive scale of the project is simply mind-blowing. My dream was rather strange I saw the picture of the same bike on ‘YS JAGAN ARMY’ twitter account. There is decal sticker saying “REDDY’S” on the brake lights (But Jagan thinks beyond caste maybe his army believes in varna jati). The number plate is AP 07 BZ 3133 on white background, in small size (tiny and invisible), and below the bike number, there is a large font decal sticker of (YSR). It was strange to see the bike number in tiny font and YSR in large font; maybe the Chief Minister is venturing on a larger than life project.

I see Jagan and his army on Avenger Bike’s zooming towards the most poverty-ridden region in Andhra Pradesh. They park their vehicles in line on the side stand. The bikes are tilted towards the left; they start walking towards the basti and everyone around is dumbstruck. Some are mesmerized to see the gait and swagger of Jagan and his army. The empty eyes couldn’t fathom the magnanimity of their Chief Minister and his larger than life image. The men gaze through the basti and the dilapidated condition of people living in sheds, and women children devoid of basic amenities. My dream could fathom reality and inequality. But the Chief Minister and his army seemed indifferent towards the sufferings.

Suddenly, a middle-aged half-bald man arrives on maroon color Activa, and rushes towards the CM and whispers something in his ears. The CM gives a nod, and the man starts praising the Chief Minister glorifying his achievement and portraying him as a messiah of poor. In retrospect, I think the man could be from Great Andhra. He then announces that everyone would get a house. After hearing the announcement men, women, and children go bonkers. They start doubting themselves and completely shaken. Some of them start looking at the calendars and murmuring to each other enquiring about date and year. The announcement shattered the idea of time and space and their sense of reality. They thought that time is running faster than light. Last time someone from YSRCP made similar promises. They thought it must be ELECTION TIME. The people languishing below the poverty line could be wrong on several things but not on Election time and false promises.

The over-ambitious promise made by AP Government amid the Coronavirus was shocking. My dream ends when I see a young man from basti walking towards the half-bald man and requesting him for employment.

Indeed the housing is a necessity for people below the poverty line, and a massive project of Rs 90,000 Crore and 30 lakh homes is an amazing idea. But how will they get three square meals a day? In simple words, the hierarchy is food, clothing and shelter. To overcome this acute challenge employment and job creation is paramount. False promises and massive projects are not the answer.

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