Emotional Blackmailing By Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister

Jun 09, 2020 01:18 PM

Suddenly the victims of the LG Polymer blast take a backseat and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is scared of loss of business in the state. He has come out defending the LG Polymer and said, "LG Polymers is an MNC of good reputation.”

All these days the center was feigning sympathy towards the victims of the Gas tragedy which happened on 7th May 2020. Their pathetic attitude was exposed on TV debate on Times Now News Hour; when the anchor asked Andhra Pradesh State Government adviser Amar Devulapalli of what went wrong and the adviser was blank and all over the place. His indifference and apathy reflected the attitude of the ruling party.

Nearly 12 people were killed and the styrene gas leakage affected 150 families living in proximity to the gas plant.

From the statement made in favor of LG Polymers by the Chief Minister of Andhra; it is clear that business supersedes the plight of the victims. He is ready to make concessions before the inquiry is over. Moreover, the emotional blackmailing and creating a situation of hopelessness by stating, “Industries will be scared to invest in the state” showed the dubious nature of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It shows how badly the state Government managed the victims and the business. More than monetary compensation people need assurance on safety. Perhaps the state government would realize its mistake.

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