Disputes at India-China border

Jun 19, 2020 07:13 AM

The world witnessed the most serious conflict in decades between the two south-Asian neighbors as the armies of the two nations were engaged in combat in the mountainous region of Ladakh. It is this location where the two neighbors share a disputed border which had been largely peaceful for the past several decades. The tension between the forces of the two nuclear-armed nations on the line of actual control (LAC) has renewed the long-pending question about how the disputed border issue should be solved.

While the foreign media, mostly the Chinese Establishment are using to change constitutional status as an argument to justify the muscle-flexing by the people's liberation army, the actual reason remains in darkness. The real reason behind the muscle-flexing by China in the disputed region is the growing military capabilities of the PLA and concrete political will to use this growing capability is being clouded by the media. Even as efforts are being made by senior military officers from both the countries to try and diffuse the situation but both armies have initiated their military drills in order to combat any emergency situation that may arise in the given circumstances.

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