Disinfecting Communalism

May 10, 2020 07:31 AM

The city of New Delhi has witnessed dramatic Shaheen Bagh protest followed by riots. The Covid-19 could’ve been the common enemy where people of all the communities could come together and co-operate. But once again the Tabliqi fiasco divided the people into religious lines. The Social Media, Watsapp forwards, twitter, and Facebook was filled with venomous incendiary comments. Include Godi media which added fire to the ongoing conflict.

Meet 32-year-old Imrana Saifi a typical Buqa clad women. She is working tirelessly to disinfect places of worship from all the major religions which include Temples, Mosques, and Gurdwaras. This is indeed a symbolic gesture where it is not merely to get rid of the virus, but to disinfect the minds of the people who hold stereotypes against certain communities. It is a loud and clear message against fanaticism. Some hardliners among the Muslims might call it shirk(Idolatry). But the act of goodwill would win many hearts and bring communities together. It might surprise or impress a few hatemonger from Watsapp University, who spread fake news and create animosity between communities.

She has a team of three women, and they named it ‘corona warriors.’ The places covered are Chandbagh, Jafrabad, Mustafabad, Shiv Vihar, Babu Nagar, and Nehru Vihar. The priests welcome them and they are proud of the secular fabric of the country. The message they are sending is of peace and harmony between various communities. Nehru Vihar is an interesting place, and the name itself invokes secularism. Jawaharlal Nehru the architect of modern India must be smiling from heaven. These women have given the Secular Indians hope. They are doing this tireless work in the holy month of Ramazan. Hunger and food do not waver their fortitude and they continue despite the hardships. None of them are privileged and super-rich. Imrana studies till 11th and her husband is a plumber. She has three children and the responsibility is huge. Despite all the challenges they are continuing this war against Corona and hatred.

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