Demand for Blood is Huge in India

Jun 22, 2020 11:29 AM

India has the largest shortage of blood with demand sometimes being 400% more than supply as revealed by recent Lancet study and because of the pandemic of Covid-19 the blood shortage is being felt acutely. There is a huge dearth of blood and this has been affecting health services.

However there are few individuals who are committed to repeated blood donations who inspire others to follow suite. Santosh Manduva, founder president of Sulakshya Seva Samithi (SSS), a Warangal-based NGO, and a resident of Srinagar Colony (South) in Hanamkonda, is one such individual. So far Santosh has donated blood 28 times since 2005.

He said he made it a habit to donate blood at least thrice a year, once on his birthday on January 5 and whenever there is a dire need. He also donated blood on June 2, 2014, marking Telangana Formation Day as a tribute to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for statehood.

Sulakshya Seva Samithi raised more than Rs 9 lakhs from 62 members of the closed knit WhatsApp group against a total of 132 and distributed groceries, snacks and other essentials to the poor during the lockdown period. The organisation has also helped migrants reach their native places. They don't run any fund raising campaigns or collaborate with any other organisation. In fact they don't even publish there bank account details anywhere.

Sanotsh with his NGO Sulakshya Seva Samithi, distributed a kit comprising masks, sanitisers, hand wash liquids, Palli chikki, orange fruits, biscuit packets and badam milk packed in a cloth bag to nearly 200 police personnel posted at different check posts in the Hanmakonda city recently during Pandemic.

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