Covid-19 Safety Rules While Film Making

May 03, 2020 04:09 PM
Covid 19 in the image

Movies are an integral part of Indian life and it’s the movie industry that has taken a dent during this Pandemic. No virus or Pandemic is eternal; nevertheless, it does bring forth huge losses in business. Above all lives are at stake. Taking the necessary Precautions is paramount in every business sector. Filmmaking is no different and safety measures are important while making a movie.

Post lockdown the residual impact will be there and the risk of infection would linger everywhere. Many professionals are involved in filmmaking; also they work on various projects- thereby the possibility of socializing would increase. Social distancing is very much important. But the possibility of getting infected cannot be ruled out.

Awareness is the best tool against the Covid-19 virus. And many citizens are following elementary things such as protective gears and sanitizers. It should also include information about the disease and the symptoms and stages. Every crew member should have a list of testing centre around the city. Hand washing should turn into an obsession. Moreover, respiratory hygiene is vital which includes covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing. Basic cough etiquette is important. Usage of tissues and disposable gloves, face shield and mask – above all promoting social distancing is extremely vital during a pandemic.

A clear understanding and proper training would be helpful for those involved in the shooting. Planning formal classroom training would instill seriousness among staff members and other workers. Proper cleaning of hair wigs and maintaining a high level of hygiene while consuming beverages and food during the shoot is an important precaution during filmmaking.

A few rudimentary things should be followed such as testing actors and stuntmen. Their condition should be thoroughly examined and the Covid-19 result must show negative. Also, the junior artists and extras in movies should use precautions and masks including protective gloves except during the scene. Vigilance is required from make-up artists; they need to maintain separate sets for every actor and other artists who require make-up. Let the film world entertain and spread joy and keep virus at bay.

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