Contradicting Statement from TRS Leaders and KCR

Jul 15, 2020 02:35 PM

The clandestine approach by TRS in demolishing old secretariat building had brought ignominy to the State Government. Everyone was kept in darkness and no one was allowed near the site. The police authorities were instructed that no one should be allowed to take pictures of the demolition. It was a heritage site built by the Nizam of Hyderabad Mehboob Ali Khan. Many leaders from the opposition parties criticized the hasty decision. It was rather strange to demolish it amid the pandemic and the place could be utilized for beds and make shift hospital.

Apart from mismanagement there happened to be a religious angle which turned out to be a hot potato. It almost stirred conflict by religious group intervention. The demolition of the Mosque inside the secretariat infuriated the AIMIM, and MP Asaduddin Owaisi is supposed to be a close ally of chief minister KCR. However, KCR was able to pacify the Muslim group that a new mosque will be built when a new building is constructed. The temple was also pulled down and KCR promised that temple will also be constructed.

However, there was either an outright lie perpetrated by TRS or maybe a comedy of errors when TRS leaders Danam Nagender and Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan held a press conference. They stated that Chief Minster consulted religious leaders before demolishing the religious structures. It would be interesting to see the reaction of hardliners from AIMIM and reaction from BJP hardliner Raja Singh. The TRS leaders made of mockery of Chief Minster and all the pains in pacifying the religious parties went in vain. Nevertheless, the goodwill among the minority community might save KCR from this mess. Perhaps the Shadi Mubarak scheme that he started for the Muslim community might rescue him. He will certainly redeem himself. But the mismanagement was unacceptable.

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