Conflict Over English Medium in Andhra Pradesh

May 29, 2020 03:56 PM

It is indeed unfortunate that politics is entering into the medium of instruction in Government Schools. Gold Andhra believes that it is high time that English Medium should be introduced in Government schools. The overwhelming 96% percent of parents prefer English medium schools for their children. Recently the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh showed his commitment to introduce English for poor students whose parents cannot afford private schools. We could have considered it the most altruistic act. However when TDP was in power under Chandrababu Naidu; they introduced English medium in a few schools as a pilot project, and YSRCP opposed it. In fact, YS Jagan Mohan was dead against the idea. Now the opposition TDP party is objecting towards the decision that they stood for when they were in power. It is quite unfortunate that the entire issue is politicized.

In this Political conflict, the students will lose. The ruling party and the opposition have plenty of issues to fight on. We understand the compulsion in realpolitik. But why jeopardize young careers and deprive students of career opportunities. The State Government and the opposition should think of an amicable solution.

Gold Andhra fully support the decision of the 96% parents committees who voted in favor of English medium and compulsory Telugu. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has decided to knock the doors of Supreme Court after High Court objected to the decision. The Language war should not be seen with a cultural and political lens. Look at it from the global market perspective which demands English Education. There future of the students is in English Education.